5 Steps to Take After a Car Break-In

Most of us rely on our personal vehicles to get from one location to the next. And by and large, we tend to treat our cars like our sanctuaries. So when your car is broken into, it can feel like a personal attack.

We often feel vulnerable, scared, angry, and overwhelmed by the fact that someone would have such little disregard for our property.

As a result, you may feel frozen after a break-in. You probably feel violated but may not know what steps you can take to make things right. Although the person who participated in this criminal act might not be caught, there are a few things you should do to protect yourself. You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll start to feel, once you take action to make yourself safer and get your life back to normal.

We at Auto Glass Services NW know! We help dozens of people every month who unfortunately have to deal with the feeling of being violated by somebody they don’t know; somebody will no respect for their property and who has made them feel less safe. It’s a terrible feeling and we want to help you feel better as soon as possible.

How Do We Help?

  • By giving you a fast and accurate quote on your glass or windshield repair
  • Scheduling a quick and convenient time to come fix your glass
  • Giving you good quality service and products, so you know your car is back to normal
  • Treat you like a neighbor. If you ever have an auto glass need in the future, we hope you’ll reach out again for help

Another way we can help is giving you a step-by-step list of what you should do if your car is ever broken into. Feel free to reference below to get yourself on track to dealing with this stressful and unfair experience.

  1. Document the Damage: The first thing you’ll want to do is take note of the damage to your vehicle. Be sure to take photos of any missing or broken auto glass on your car, from a variety of angles. Also, make a note of any other damage you find that’s related to this burglary or vandalism. If you feel you’re probably in need of auto glass repairs, you’ll want to capture that damage with your smartphone camera. Take note of any vandalism and disturbances on the inside of the car, as well.
  2. Inventory Stolen Items: As part of this informal discovery process, you’ll want to figure out what’s missing from the interior of your car. If your stereo system or personal items have been stolen, you should make a note of that. If you had personal documents in your car that you can no longer find, that’s something you’ll want to inventory. There’s a potential for identity theft there, so you should monitor your accounts closely. If you suspect credit or debit cards have been taken, be sure to notify your bank or credit card company right away. You can also contact credit unions to put a lock on your credit, so nobody can borrow money in your name. Although these types of documents might not be recovered, taking an inventory of everything that was stolen can help with your insurance claim and in taking steps to protect yourself.
  3. Contact Law Enforcement: After carefully documenting the damage to your car at the scene and figuring out which items might have been taken, you’ll want to call the police. Filing a police report can help others in your area and provide valuable information for your insurance company. You’ll need access to your registration, driver’s license, insurance information, any photos you took of the damage, and a list of your stolen property.
  4. File an Insurance Claim: Next, you’ll need to contact your insurer. Keep in mind that you may not actually want to file a formal claim, especially if the value of the damaged or stolen possessions are less than your deductible. It’s also possible that your insurance rates could go up even if the crime wasn’t at all your fault. However, you still may be required to let your insurance company know about the break-in. And if you’re in need of auto glass repairs, this might actually be covered by your policy even if other damages are not.
  5. File a Claim with Your Insurance provider: Need to replace smashed or cracked auto glass or windshields? Check out our Auto Glass Insurance Claims page to see the steps needed to file your auto glass claim. If, if you need more help, just request an auto glass quote or call us.
  6. Get Your Car Fixed: Once you talk to your insurer, you can make an appointment for your car to be repaired. Your insurance company can recommend auto glass repair services that are local to you and are covered by your policy. Or you can search on the web for “reputable auto glass repair near me“. If you happen to need windshield repair, your insurer can help to set you up with a reliable shop. If your car needs auto body repairs or other extensive damage fixes, they may also be able to recommend someone in the area. Even if your repairs aren’t covered by insurance, your insurer may be able to advise you on what it might cost out-of-pocket. And if your auto glass repairs and other damages are covered, your insurer can make sure these repairs are done quickly.
  7. Get Help from Auto Glass Solutions NW!: If you’re in the Portland area, or other parts of Oregon or Washington state, we can help! We’re one of the oldest local auto glass service providers in Portland, Oregon and we serve a broad geographic area. We are a trusted partner of every major insurance carrier in the United States. Just get in touch with us to see a mobile appointment. We’ll come to your office or home and replace or repair any broken glass you have. And if you contact your insurance company, just give them our name and phone number: (503)799-3045. They’ll be able to process your claim and get our scheduling process underway.

Whether or not you require car window repairs after a break-in, these events are always going to be stressful. But you can remove a lot of that anxiety by having your car and auto glass repairs done by a reputable provider. To learn more about the services we can provide following a break-in, crash, or other accident, see our list of auto glass services here.

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