Oregon Mutual Auto Glass Claim


Let us take some work off your plate!

Located only a short drive from our offices, Oregon Mutual is one of our oldest and most reliable partners. We understand their policies and rules and can help you file your claim, to help speed up your repair.

Online Submission


We wanted to simplify the process and help Oregon Mutual customers get help faster. So we created a custom process to help you file your auto glass claim while also scheduling your installation appointment.

Here's how it works:


Step One

Gather the following:

    • Your Oregon Mutual policy number
    • The date the damage occured
    • Your Vehicle Identification Number (or a photo of the VIN tag on your dashboard)
    • Your car's make, model and year of manufacture (VW Golf, 2020)


Step Two

Click the button below and submit your info in our online claims form. It only takes a few minutes.

We'll take care of the rest and call you shortly to confirm your appointment time.



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