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Since our inception in 1995, our company has completed more than 82,000 car window repairs throughout Portland and the state of Oregon. 

We’re committed to providing quality auto glass repair and replacement services and serving you with honesty and value. Just read the reviews!

Using the latest car glass repair and ADAS calibration technology, we provide high-quality services and quick turnaround times, whereever you are. Contact us for auto glass replacement costs, windshield replacement quotes or to learn how we can calibrate your Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Lifetime Warranty Covers Leaks, Defective Parts & Labor

Don't sweat it! Read more here about our warranty and installation care instructions.

The Good Life: Traveling the state & working on cars

Our auto glass technicians have a passion for car window repair. They can tell you more about it than you'd ever care to hear.  🙂 They are certified and fully equipped to work on your car or truck.

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Tracey Watson
Tracey Watson
10:35 10 Jun 23
My back windshield was completely shattered. I couldn’t see a thing and I was about to go on a road trip. I called these guys and they were able to fit me in. I was super grateful. They gave me same day service and had a complete new windshield put in for me. I thought having it replaced would be really expensive but these guys actually have really affordable rates. I loved working with them and would call them again.
Alice Owens
Alice Owens
09:33 07 Jun 23
I was definitely freaked out when a huge rock completely shattered my windsheild while I was driving. I had never had anything like that happen before so I wasn't even sure who to call. A quick google search sent me to Auto Glass Services. They were so nice and really made me feel comfortable. They came to my home in order to do the replacement and they were done with the whole thing in under an hour. You can't beat service like that! I would absolutely call these guys again. They're great!
Cora Salazar
Cora Salazar
10:22 04 Jun 23
I've never had to have a windshield replaced so I wasn't really sure what to do when a rock hit me on the freeway. I called the first company I could find and thankfully it was these guys. They came right away to help me. Their prices were affordable and they do fantastic quality work. I was so impressed with how hardworking and professional they were. If you need to have any sort of auto glass work done, I highly recommend them.
Dana Ramirez
Dana Ramirez
15:22 02 Jun 23
Auto Glass Services did an amazing job repairing my windshield for me. They came to me and they got it done super fast. It took them about an hour and they were able to do it while I was at work. The price was really great and the technician was very kind and caring. I'm very grateful for everything they did. Thank you!
Karla Porter
Karla Porter
12:41 02 Jun 23
Auto Glass Services helped me out with a new windshield on very short notice. They were so helpful and were able to take care of my very quickly. It was a huge help that they were able to come to me and that I didn't have to pay to have the car towned in. Their workmanship was fantastic and the price was great (especially because I didn't also have to pay for a tow truck). I would absolutely use them again. I loved the experience. I highly recommend them.
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Leave It to Us

Doing it yourself can lead to additional damage to your car. Rely on our knowledge and experience, so your car or truck is in the best hands.

We Truly Care

The right care extends the life of any car or truck. Every customer benefits from our extensive experience in the auto glass replacement industry.

Our Promise to You

We promise to provide great value and outstanding service, regardless of repair size or difficulty. Our Lifetime Warranty guarantees it.

Get a quick repair estimate!  We'll take care of your insurance claim too.

Our Story

Rainy days and broken windshields

Our family grew-up northeast Portland and continues to love living in Oregon every day. We have hundreds of stories about the coastal, mountain, and desert highways, not to mention all the great roadside restaurants. And nope, we haven't seen Bigfoot yet (though grandma is keeping her eyes peeled).

We don't have webbed feet or a beaver tail, but we're good with the rain. Our mobile crews have the proper tenting and equipment to make it safe and effective, no matter what kind of weather the Great Northwest might be doling out.

We work directly with great insurance companies like State Farm and third-party auto glass administrators like Lynx Services, to make it easy for you.

From vent glass to windshields and repairing break-ins, we have you covered. We’re dedicated to keeping you safe on the road. Your satisfaction is our highest priority!

Get some answers to your auto glass services and maintenance questions here on our blog.

You woke up to a smashed window

We understand your pain. Our customers deal with it every day and we have experienced it in our personal lives as well.

Take a breath and realize that you're going through somewhat of a traumatic experience. But there are steps you can take to move through it and get your day back on track. The first step is calling us or filling out this form, to get your free quote. We'll get to you ASAP and repair your car window before the day is through.

Color photo of two AGSNW auto glass technicians in their truck on the way to complete a car window repair