Should I Use Insurance to Replace My Windshield?

It's a question we've all asked ourself: "Should I use my insurance to replace my windshield?" Hopefully this will help.

Imagine you went to the mountain for a day of skiing. On the way home, you're passed by an 18-wheeler and a big rock bounces across lanes and smashes into your windshield, sending a serious crack across the glass.

Mt Hood Roadside

What next? You want to call your reliable neighborhood auto glass experts at Auto Glass Services NW. But you're not sure if you should contact your insurance company and use your policy to replace your windshield or just pay cash to avoid a bigger monthly insurance premium. It's a fair question. We're going to try and answer all of your insurance related questions and tell you how to submit a claim to your insurance company.

To Claim or Not to Claim?

That is the question. (Our apologies to Shakespeare.) Will your insurance costs go up if you claim damage to your windshield, side view mirror or other auto glass repair? Often not! Usually, glass damage doesn't reflect on the driver's skill or behavior. After all, you can't be expected to dodge a rock flying at you at 200 miles per hour. It's unreasonable to expect that of even the most skilled of Portland drivers (there are a few!). Not to mention, it would probably be more dangerous for you to erratically swerve out of the way of every rock or stick that comes your way. So, the insurance company isn't going to hold you responsible for auto glass damage. And in the rare case that your premium is raised by your insurer, it only goes up a small amount.

Given the cost of high quality auto glass and the modern appliances and features that come with it, auto glass insurance is usually a large out of pocket expense.

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Is Using insurance to Replace My Auto Glass Worth It?

Important Options & Accessories


You may not realize it, but windshields today are very sophisticated. Even cars that are the same exact model may have a different type of windshield, based on the trim, the year of production and upgraded features. There are a number of different options ranging from acoustic properties (sound deadening), frits (those tiny dots around the edges of your dashboard - they actually do something!), different tints and shading, heater grids to melt ice and snow and even mounts for cameras and rain sensors in some cases.

And don't forget the heads-up-display. If your car or truck is equipped with a HUD, you'll know that a projector on your dashboard is projecting information onto the inside of the windshield. For this to work right, you'll need to make sure you're getting a piece of glass with the correct bevel and shape to display information properly to the driver.

With all the technology that comes with modern windshields and auto glass, not to mention the proper moldings and adhesive and the cost of labor for an experienced technician, it can be expensive to pay out of pocket and ensure your vehicle is well maintained and safe. Trying to cut costs and pay cash out of your pocket to the cheapest company around could not only decrease the value of your car or truck, it could increase the risk to you and your passengers.

Given the cost of these types of accessories and the expertise needed to have them properly installed, it's worth it to take advantage of your auto glass coverage and have an expert team like Auto Glass Services NW handle your repair or replacement.


How Much Will it Cost to Use My Insurance?

If you have comprehensive coverage on your insurance policy, you will most likely be asked to pay a deductible between $250 to $500. When you hire an auto glass services company, you will be liable for paying that deductible amount. The insurance company will pay the rest of what is owed for the labor and parts of the car window or windshield replacement.

Rather than using a comprehensive policy, you might also have a seperate auto glass coverage, with a similar deductible. It depends on their carrier and how they break out their offering.

If you don't have any insurance that covers your auto glass, you'll be responsible for paying the full amount. In this case, your auto glass shop can suggest non-OEM (original equipment manufacture) parts that are good quality, but much more affordable.

How Do I Use My Insurance for an Auto Glass Claim?

The process is fairly similar for all insurance companies, but they all have different websites, phone numbers and mobile apps that will allow you to most efficiently make an insurance claim. Because so many of AGS NW's customers prefer to file insurance claims, we've developed a guide (see above) that provides step-by-step instructions on how to file a claim with your insurance provider. We're adding new providers all the time, but currently we support Allstate, Farmers, Geico, Liberty Mutual, Progressive, State Farm, Lynx and Safelite Solutions Network.


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