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Do I need ADAS Calibration?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are an amazing set of new technologies developed by the automobile industry to provide a safer driving experience for their customers. Over the past 20 years these technologies have been expanding in scope and effectiveness, making our trips and commutes safer and safer, by giving us the best situational awareness possible. Afterall, a computure doesn't get tired and it the amazing new sensors out there on our cars have a lot faster reflexes than we do!


Most modern cars and trucks have been designed and built with ADAS in mind. They have multiple sensors built into them to gather data to drive effective safety features. These vehicles leverage imaging devices that can improve upon the performance of the human eye, especially when it comes to bad weather and low lightinng situations. They also use LiDAR (light detection and ranging) sensors to provides data about static and moving objects around your vehicle, helping you with things that might be in your blind spot or in a poorly lit area.


But why is an auto glass services company talking about ADAS? Good question! Let us give you a quick explanation of Advanced Driver Assist Systems, how they can keep you and your family safe, and why they occasionally need calibrating.


The family of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems is made up of a broad array of technologies. Here are just a few:


Automatic emergency braking (AEB) system: If you should ever be in a situation where a crash is imminent, your AEB system will alert you to take action. If you don't act to avoid the crash, an emergency brake will engage automatically to help you avoid the crash. A similar, less intrusive version of this system is a forward-collision warning system, which gives you an audio warning if you get too close to the car in front of you.

Pedestrian automatic emergency braking (PAEB): This is another automatic emergency braking system. But unlike other similar systems, this one has been designed to identify pedestrians who may be in the way of your vehicle and stop you from running into them.

Adaptive cruise control: Cruise control has been around forever, and it doesn't seem like that big of a deal. But the latest version, adaptive cruise control, actually monitors the car ahead of you and slows down when needed, in order to keep a safe distance.

Lane departure warning system: This is a system that issues a warning sound in the car when you start to drift out of your driving lane, to keep you from falling asleep or running into oncoming traffic or side-swiping a nearby car. Some cars also come with something called Lane Keep Assist. This will actually steer your car or truck back to the center of your lane if you start to drift.

Diagram of ADAS features

It's pretty amazing how far these safety systems have come! And the data shows they are helping to keep us all safer. For example, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (the IIHS), has done research that shows that AEB's have reduced rear-end accidents by 27%. And more data is being collected every day, to show how well these systems save lives.


Image of car undergoing ADAS



Good question! The ADAS sensors (usually radar and cameras) are often mounted on or behind the windshield. If you have an accident, damage to your windshield or have to get your glass replaced, you'll need to recalibrate the sensors to make sure they're monitoring the right space around your vehicle, and not pointing off in the wrong direction.

To do it well, an auto shop like ours has specialized equipment to align the different types of sensors.




Come on in to Auto Glass Services NW and we can help you with your calibration. We've got the gear and the expertise to handle it for you. We will recalibrate your systems to match the OEM specifications of your car so you can be sure to keep you and your family safe when you're out on the road.


Sure, we have competitive pricing, but that's not the real reason, we're "affordable". The reason we offer our customers a great value is because we have amazing expertise and we deliver high quality calibration that will help ensure yours and your family's safety on the road. And because we do the work right the first time, we save your time and make sure you don't need to pay us a second visit. Check out our reviews and you'll see our customers are satisfied.

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