USAA Auto Insurance


USAA Auto Insurance

It's time for your auto glass replacement or windshield repair, and we can help you file a claim with USAA.

We've partnered with USAA for decades and are happy to help their clients with their auto glass needs.

Online Submission


If you want to file the claim on USAA's website, just visit this link: USAA Auto Glass Claims.


Scroll down the page to where it says "Report glass claim" and click the button.


Image from the USAA website allowing you to file an auto glass claim


A pop-up window will open up to give you an idea what to do next. Select the blue "Report glass claim" button.



Image of the USAA website showing where you begin to file your claim.


Once you arrive the Safelite AutoGlass website, you'll be asked to provide the date of your auto glass damage, an explanation of what happened, and what state it happened in.


Image of USAA insurance website asking for key information for filing an auto glass claim

After clicking "Get Started", you'll be asked to log in to your USAA account.


Image of USAA insurance's log in fields

Select the vehicle that was damaged.


Image of the USAA Insurance website listing the client's vehicles


Next, you'll be able to select from your preferred provider. Good news! Auto Glass Services NW has been a USAA partner for decades.


You can select us on the site by searching for our name Auto Glass Services NW, or using our phone number: (503)799-3045. You can also search using the zip code of our main offices: 97031


Once you select us and submit the claim, we will quickly receive your request and we can schedule an appointment with you.


In the meantime, give us a call to schedule an appointment, so we can get on your calendar at the best time for you, and visit you to repair or replace your auto glass.


Feel free to call us with any questions! We're happy to help.


Mobile App Submission
Submit Over the Phone

USAA auto glass claims phone number (Safelite Network): (800)787-4222

Insurance Claims Instruction Guide

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