How Your Windshield Protects You During a Collision

Your windshield is the often-unsung hero when it comes to safety. It is one of the largest safety restraint systems on a vehicle. Think of it like this: the windshield plays an important part when it comes to structural integrity, ensures airbags deploy correctly, and the roof doesn’t crush you or your passengers.

Windshields are the safety net that keeps you and your passengers inside the car too. An auto glass replacement of this nature must be handled by skilled professionals. Keep reading to fully understand how your windshield protects you during an auto collision.

Your Windshield Integrity Is Extremely Important

The cabin of a vehicle depends on the windshield to strengthen the structural support. In the event of a front-end collision, a windshield affords 45% structural strength. During a roll-over, it provides 60% of the structural integrity a vehicle needs (per Complete Auto Glass). Simply put, your windshield keeps you safe.

During rollovers, the windshield keeps the roof from failing by absorbing the impact of a collision. Windshields are specially designed to protect you by keeping the roof from collapsing and crushing you. If your windshield is cracked, you need auto glass replacement as soon as possible so the strength of your vehicle is not compromised.

Windshields Help Airbags Deploy Properly

Consider a windshield to be the backstop for airbags on the passenger side of a vehicle. Those airbags expand upward and bounce off of the windshield. This protects the person in the passenger seat and keeps them from being propelled into the glass.

Passenger side airbags are deployed at 150 to 200 mph. That doesn’t bode well for a cracked windshield. It would not have the strength to handle the force of those airbags and could cause them to not deploy properly and be deformed. If your vehicle has a cracked windshield, passengers riding with you could end up with major injuries.

Ensure Your Windshield Is the Protective Barrier It Should Be

If your windshield is cracked, you need auto glass replacement services immediately. Skilled auto glass technicians will replace your windshield correctly so the integrity of your auto is not compromised during a collision. You can rely on auto glass replacement specialists that follow the Auto Glass Safety Council guidelines to ensure proper installation. Schedule an appointment with them today.

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