When It’s Time For A New Windshield: Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Windshield Repairs

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In the modern world, there aren’t many amazing inventions better than the personal automobile. Not only does it take us from point A to point B on a consistent basis, but modern cars are constructed in such a way that they are both comfortable and stylish. Even basic seats provide a smoother ride than horse-drawn carriages once did, and well-built doors and windshields insulate us from the sometimes harsh outside environment.

This is no more apparent than when it’s raining or severely windy outside. Windshields are a remarkably simple invention that provides a basic, yet critical function in the car. This is exactly why auto glass services should replace the windshield if it begins to become damaged by an accident or debris. You are allowed to delay replacing a windshield to an extent. Federal law holds that cracks and chips smaller than 3/4 of an inch are permitted as long as they’re three inches or farther from other chips or cracks. However, they cannot be located within the driver’s view.

While car window repairs don’t seem like the most fun thing in the world to focus on, they can easily prevent other larger issues from happening. To simply drive without debris, insects, or the weather smashing you in the face allows for a degree of unimpaired driving. In this article, we’ll go over why the windshield is so important and how not having a functioning windshield in your car is not an idea worth entertaining.

A Simple Pane of Glass

It’s important to consider that the windshield as an object itself is a relatively new invention in humanity. Humans have been able to travel a number of ways over their history: by horse, carriage, boat, foot, and finally, by automobile in 1886. None of these transportation methods blocked the wind, and humans simply had to deal with it in clever ways. Goggles, reduced speeds, screens, and other objects that preceded the modern windshield debuting in 1904 seem silly now. A simple pane of glass can make all the difference.

A windshield is an important part of your driving experience that you would soon miss if it went away. Something that you never think about or give a second thought to would enter the forefront of your mind as a big issue. Besides it being illegal in most areas to operate a vehicle without a windshield, driving on the highway would become an enormous pain. Dodging rocks or wearing goggles might become second nature in an attempt to keep your eyes from drying out. Soon, you’d probably give anything for the phone number of a reliable auto glass repair services company. But who to choose?

Go Local And Family-Owned If You Can

One thing should be forefront in your mind: windshield replacement services need to be able to guarantee that the job will be done right. No whistling, cracks, or incomplete seals should be accepted for a windshield job to be considered done right. Therefore, you want to make sure that the auto glass repair services you do business with employ trained individuals who will keep their word. This is easier at small businesses where there is more accountability and you are able to directly speak and interact with the people that you are exchanging money with.

Take a look around where you live and try to support your local businesses. It is likely that if you provide your dollars to local services, they will reward you with a satisfactory experience. Without a massive corporate structure and incentives to provide unique experiences, many customers across various industries seem to prefer local businesses. There is no reason why the auto glass repair services industry should not follow the same route to success.

By getting your windshield replaced, you’re doing a good thing for you and your car. Your driving experience will improve and you won’t be breaking any laws. By supporting local, family-owned businesses that provide auto glass repair services, you’ll be participating in your local economic community. Be sure to keep this in mind the next time your windshield has a crack and needs repair.

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