5 Amazing Benefits of Mobile Windshield Replacement Services

Have you ever hired a mobile windshield replacement service to repair cracked or broken auto glass? Are you wondering if it’s the best way to go? Here are some serious benefits of hiring a mobile auto glass company to come to your home or office, rather than visiting an auto glass shop.

If you’ve ever gotten one, you’ll know that windshield cracks and chips are a nuisance. They’re not as bad as finding a family of rabid raccoons in your backseat on the way to work, but it’s a close second.

Many drivers tend to disregard what they think of as minor damage, as long as they can see through or around the damage. But, doing this poses a risk to their lives and to others on the road.

We get it! It’s hard for a lot of us to take time off work to drive to the auto glass repair shop. Some of us are trapped in the conundrum of having to drive our vehicle to the shop while it’s not even safe to drive. What are we supposed to do? Fret not dear reader, for there is an excellent solution: mobile windshield replacement service.

What is a Mobile Windshield Replacement Service?

Some auto glass repair shops, like Auto Glass Services NW, operates mobile crews that comes to your location to fix the windshield damage. Certified technicians come to your preferred location, equipped with all necessary tools for windshield repair or replacement. Whether you’re in your office parking lot, the driveway at home, or at the golf course for that matter, mobile services can take care of your glass repair wherever you are. Here are some of the benefits of using a mobile windshield replacement services.

1. Convenience

Repairing or replacing cracked windshields can be a hassle. You may have to get someone on the phone, book an appointment, drive to the repair shop, and sit around waiting for the replacement. Mobile repair services allow the auto glass shop to send technicians to your location for windshield replacement services. Wouldn’t you rather be on your sofa watching the game or taking a nap, while you wait for the work to be done? Also, you may not have much free time during the weekend and may not have the luxury of taking time off from work. No sweat! The mobile service is quite accommodating to your schedule, allowing you to plan the place and time that works best for you. We can even meet you at the golf course while you shoot a round.

2. Safety

Chips and dents on your car windshield pose a danger to all road users. Damage may impair your vision, increasing the risk of a car crash. Besides, cracks may start small, but as you drive, the vibrations can increase their size and possibly shatter the windscreen as you head to the shop. (This is rare, but it can happen!) Mobile windshield replacement services guarantee your safety, because you don’t have to drive with a cracked windshield. Protect your life and that of others on the road by calling in Auto Glass Services NW for a remote repair.

3. Time Saver

Immediate repair of damaged windshields is vital in preventing further accidents. If the crack is shorter than 12 inches, a professional can repair it and avoid replacing the entire windshield. However, it may be challenging to make time to drive to the auto glass shop for that repair. You can call the service helpline and request a technician to come to your location.

4. Cost-Effective

Mobile windshield replacement services can save you money. Calling a tow truck to haul your car to the repair shop can add up and driving to the auto glass shop adds fuel and mileage costs – especially if the shop isn’t nearby. Also, think of all the money you might spend on Cheetos and Snickers bars while you wait in the lobby of the glass repair shop, watching HGTV. Those can add up! Then there’s the subsequent dental bills. Save yourself some money by opting for a mobile windshield replacement service that will save you time and money.

5. All-Vehicles Service Repair

Shops that offer mobile windshield repair often service a broad range of trucks and cars. If you provide them with information about your vehicle’s year, make, and model, the technicians will come to you with the right auto glass and parts. You can rest assured the windshield provided will be of good quality and meets the recommended standards for your car.

6. Using Your Insurance

While filing an insurance claim may seem like a hassle, we have a step-by-step guide on our website (click here) to show you the easiest way to file. We are a preferred partner for dozens of the largest insurance companies serving Portland, Salem, Central Oregon, and the surrounding areas, including southern Washington and the gorge. Just give us a call and we’ll help you out!

It’s really a no-brainer. Mobile windshield repair services guarantee safety and convenience to drivers with cracked or broken glass. For expert remote windshield repair, call us today. Our skilled auto glass technicians will be at your preferred location in no time. We’ll even scare off the rabid raccoons for you.

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