5 Ways to Protect Auto Glass from Smash and Grab Crimes

Smash and grab crimes are on the rise in different parts of the United States. It is responsible for the loss of valuables, and it increases expenses for repairs. They have actually resulted in a few cracked windshields. Unfortunately, if your windshield crack is more than 12 inches, you should start planning for an auto glass replacement. In this article, we examine some strategies for better protecting your car.

Taking Precautions

The objective of smash and grab is to find valuables that are easy to move. Things like laptop bags, backpacks, and portable mobile devices can make your car attractive to buglers. Police also advise drivers to avoid parking in areas without adequate lighting. That’s because buglers don’t like witnesses to their crimes.

The crime takes a minute or less before the perpetrator gets away with your valuables. Parking your car closer to the building gives little time for the robber to escape. Also, avoid less frequented lots since the crime is opportunistic, and the thief will have time to flee.

Comprehensive Alarm Systems

An alarm system can discourage a smash and grab crime, but not all vehicles will set off the signal on time. The first release of the Tesla Model 3 had a blind spot around its rear window. The alarm did not respond when the glass was broken.

However, recent models have an updated system that covers such blind spots. You may want to ensure the alarm is working, especially if you’ve had windshield replacement due to a smash and grab incident.

Auto Glass Sensing Devices

If you are planning for car window replacement, you may opt for other advanced strategies, such as using sensors. A glass sensor can pick up frequencies of the pane breaking and will trigger an alarm immediately.

Modern systems are sensitive enough to discern between other noises to reduce incidences of false alarms. The detection mechanism can use pressure or motion to trigger the alarm.

Depending on the vehicle manufacturer, this type of sensor may be part of the alarm. Alternatively, drivers can upgrade to aftermarket systems to incorporate the capability to detect glass breaking.

Protective Safety Film

You can ask your local auto glass replacement service for a protective film to protect your windows. The film holds the pane in place so that it doesn’t shatter when hit. Moreover, the curvature of the glass makes it harder to break into the car.

Adopting a Comprehensive Approach

If you have more than one car or a fleet of vehicles, you may want to consider deploying a robust safety system. For example, many drivers have a habit of leaving car keys in their automobiles. For commercial establishments, you can have systems that only require personnel to get into the building with their keys.

Applying common sense in your strategies can deter the thief and reduce incidences of car window repair. You can install alarm systems or safety films, but simple mistakes can leave you vulnerable. Consider adopting an integrated approach that works for your home or business. If you need auto glass replacement services or protection, contact Auto Glass Services NW today.

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