Types of Auto Glass Fractures and Their Implications

There are different types of windscreen cracks that can cause varying levels of damage to the glass. Depending on the nature of the fracture, an auto glass repair service may recommend fixing or replacing it. Here are the common types of cracks you should know.

1. Bull’s Eye Fractures

Bull’s eye fractures are often caused by the impact of debris on the windshield. They are usually circular but with short, thin lines extending outwards. They are the most common types of cracks and can be fixed by a windshield repair service.

2. Star Break Fracture Pattern

As the name suggests, this fracture has a shape that resembles a star. It may also be mistaken for a bull’s eye crack due to its circular form. Its cracks are, however, wider, and they extend further outwards than the bull’s eye. Star break fractures can get worse with time and will require immediate attention. To avoid weakening the pane, consult a professional window replacement service for prompt repairs.

3. Half Moon or Partial Bull’s Eye

The half-moon is another type of damage that resembles the bull’s eye. It is referred to as a partial bull’s eye since its pattern is not completely circular. Its incomplete circular shape may simplify the car windshield repair process. Fortunately, it is much easier to fix than a star break fracture.

4. Long Cracks and Windshield Strength Assessment

This type of fracture forms a wide arc across the windshield. The size of the crack can be up to six inches long. Because of its size, the crack is often difficult to repair and may call for a replacement.

Your car window replacement service can review the strength of the glass. If it meets the strength and optical quality standards, some cutting-edge repair techniques may fix it. Otherwise, you will often have to opt for a car windshield replacement.

5. Combination Breaks Causing Multiple Fractures

Combination breaks yield multiple fractures, and they have the characteristics of other types of cracks. During repair, it can be difficult to isolate cracks for repairs. The best option is often to contact a car window replacement service for a new windshield.

6. Stress Cracks Due to Aging

These types of cracks are likely to happen to windshields that are getting old and worn out. Stress cracks often appear close to the edges of the pane. The fracture can be of varying sizes ranging from two to eight inches.

Over time, the stress fracture weakens the pane and leaves it vulnerable to more chips and cracks. To avoid further problems, consult car window replacement services for prompt repairs.

7. Dings on the Windshield

A ding describes damage on the windshield resulting from an impact that breaks off a small piece of the glass. The primary cause of dings/chips is temperature fluctuations that create stress lines on the glass. Even though it may seem like a minor issue, it is wise to consult an auto glass repair service for an assessment.

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The crack on your windshield usually starts small. If the scratch is smaller than 12 inches, it is possible to fix it. Whenever you are unsure, consult your local car window replacement services for a professional assessment.

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