8 Types of Windshield Cracks That You Should Be Aware of

Car windshields are key components of your vehicle, providing a clear view of where you’re driving. As such, you may need to give them similar attention and urgency as you would your engine. Cracks and chips spell trouble, posing a safety hazard to you, your passengers, and other road users.

There are different types of windshield cracks, defined by shape, size, and depth. Most occur from objects that fall or hit the glass, creating a point of impact. Understanding the nature of your crack can help you determine whether to get auto glass repair or replacement services for your vehicle.

Here are eight of the most common windshield crack types you need to know.

1. Edge Crack

You can identify an edge crack within two inches of the windshield’s lining. It typically forms immediately, with crack lengths of approximately 10 to 12 inches. For cracks above 14 inches, you may not carry out auto glass repair but have the car window replaced.

2. Bull’s Eye

It is one of the most common types that auto glass repair services encounter where a small blunt rock hits the windshield at high speeds. The impact generates a circular shape where a smaller piece of glass may fall off.

3. Floater Crack

It is similar to the edge crack. Unlike the edge, a floater crack starts 2 inches away from the windscreen lining. You can spot the dent in the middle of the windshield, with varying lengths of the crack. Floater cracks tend to spread fast and may require immediate attention. Professional technicians can determine the deep and length of the cracks before recommending auto glass repair or replacement.

4. Half-Moon Crack

Half-moon cracks are similar to bull’s eye cracks. The damage to the glass results from an impact force by a rock or similar object that doesn’t form a completely circular pattern.

5. Crack Chip

Crack chips occur when small rocks or pebbles crack your car’s windshield. The crack is small enough for a quarter to cover with a singular impact point. The damage is relatively minute and can undergo glass repair. Most drivers tend to ignore the crack chips due to their tiny size. It leads to more chips forming that spread across the entire windshield.

6. Combination Break

These are chips with cracks that come off them. Multiple cracks and chips on the car windshield are collectively known as combination breaks. The appropriate auto glass repair measure can only be determined by expert technicians.

7. Star Crack

A star break or crack results from an impact that creates a star-like appearance. The cracks can spread quickly outwards in all the directions of the star’s “hands.” You may require urgent attention to car windshield repair services to prevent further damage.

8. Stress Crack

A stress crack occurs without any physical impact on the windshield. The crack originates from a variation in temperature, such as overheating in the sun with the air-conditioner turned on high or washing with cold water. In winter, pouring warm or hot water to wash off the snow can lead to a stress crack.

There are different types of windshield cracks that you need to watch out for. Only a car window expert can determine the right fix for each type of crack after a close examination. For auto glass repair in Portland, reach out to Auto Glass Services NW.

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