Good Reasons to Ditch DIY Auto Glass Repair

Everybody’s had it happen to them at least once in their lives: a small ping or ding comes at your windshield and then suddenly cracks. Thinking nothing of it, you let the crack continue and watch with horror as it gets bigger and bigger, certainly about to crack at some point.

Since nobody likes a cracked windshield, you think that you can just DIY a new windshield, or repair the cracks with sealant. While we admire your grit and fortitude in trying to figure out how to do this yourself, we must advise against it. When you try to fix auto glass yourself, you run the risk of messing up so many things that it’s just simply not worth it. For the reasons listed below, please consider getting auto glass repair from a professional instead.

You Don’t Have the Tools

Let’s face it: when you’re thinking about major auto glass repairs on your vehicle, you probably don’t have the correct tools around to do the job well. In order to form a good seal and not unnecessarily crack windows again, you need to have precision equipment, gloves, and the right materials to get the job done. Since most car owners do not have workshops in their garages, we’re willing to be that you don’t either and you’re not going to anytime soon. Instead of making a multi-thousand dollar investment for what should be a simple procedure, just take it to the pros instead to get it done right the first time.

Time is Worth More

Depending on your profession, we’re willing to bet that you value your time above all else. When you try and spend lots of time doing things that you’re not qualified to be doing, you’re lowering the average rate that you could make somewhere else and squandering the most precious resource of all. Sometimes in life, it’s better to know what you’re good at and why than to continually waste time, money, and energy trying to do something you’re not good at to prove some wayward point. When you compare what you will pay professionals for auto glass repair versus how much time you will spend trying to do it yourself without proper tools or training, you will quickly see how expensive auto glass repair can become. Use the pros instead!

If You Mess it Up, You May Void Warranties or Insurance Policies

Windshields account for about 30 percent of all auto insurance claims, including damages and repairs. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, because it’s all too common for little dings and cracks to become big veins. If you try to attempt windshield repairs on your own, you may end up doing more damage than if you just sought out windshield replacement services. This is because of a clause that is hidden in most auto warranty repair policies and insurance policies. The clause usually says something like “certified mechanic” or “authorized repair center technician” to indicate that a part may be not liable for coverage if you attempt to work on it yourself. Unless you’re planning on becoming a certified mechanic or getting a job at an auto glass repair center, you may be unnecessarily voiding the warranty on these parts for insurance or other purposes.

Get it Done Right the First Time

Nobody likes to have a car that doesn’t work right, but sometimes it can be more of a hassle to try and repair it yourself than to take it to an auto glass repair shop. In fact, it can be downright dangerous to attempt auto glass repair yourself and many complications can result from the process. From voiding insurance policies and auto warranties to causing more problems when improper work comes to a pass, attempting auto glass repair yourself is simply a losing deal. Instead of trying to tough it out and prove how smart you are to yourself, do everyone on the road a favor and get it professionally done instead. When you’re ready to stop being hassled by auto glass woes and let the professionals deal with it, then contact Auto Glass Services NW at (503) 744-6090 for all your auto glass repair needs.

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