Why You Should Replace Your Auto Glass

Whether you were driving on the highway and became the unfortunate recipient of a rock or hail fell out of the sky onto your car, nobody likes having a cracked or broken windshield. Instead of complaining about it and cursing your fate, we’re going to list the reasons why you should fix it instead. We think you’ll agree that they make more sense than simply continuing on with a subpar piece of auto glass.

Your Driving Will Be Impaired

In the same way that alcohol and drugs can lower your ability to drive with ease, having a cracked or broken windshield can impair your driving ability. This only makes sense, right? The whole point of a windshield is to have a clear piece of glass that blocks the elements and allows you to see what is in front of the car. Once that is compromised in some way, your driving is by definition impaired and you will have to compensate in other ways. Instead of driving for many miles as an impaired driver, why not pursue auto glass replacement services instead? You can get back to 100% in no time, and never miss a beat!

It Could Be Illegal

It’s not only dangerous to drive with cracked or broken auto glass, but it could be against the law where you live. Since cracks in auto glass are easy to spot from afar, you could be adding a citation fine or ticket on top of the expense that you already need to pay in order to get a windshield replacement. If a police officer pulls you over for another reason, it will be completely up to them as to whether they want to let you off with a warning or teach you a financial lesson for driving with broken glass. Instead of risking even more expense and frustration, it’s probably better to opt for auto glass replacement services or repairs instead. Don’t run afoul of the law, do your part in getting your windshield replaced.

It Doesn’t Take A Lot of Time

In the past, you could be forgiven for not wanting to seek out auto glass replacement services. First of all, there weren’t that many of them around. Second of all, sometimes it could take days between ordering your glass and finally installing it. But with modern auto glass replacement services usually having the most common windshields in stock and trained technicians at hand, replacing a windshield can be done in an afternoon. Make the appointment, replace, and move on!

Until It Breaks, Repairs Are an Option

Barring an impact, cracks usually start out small. In fact, did you know that if the crack is shorter than 12 inches, you can repair it? Many automobile owners, once a crack is showing through their windshield, tend to throw in the towel and either replace it or drive around with a terrible windshield. But technology has advanced enough nowadays that there really is no need to pursue full auto glass replacement services if the crack is small enough. This is not only cheaper but can take less time and energy than ordering an entirely new windshield. Always remember that repairs are an option for little cracks, and the sooner you fix them the sooner they’re gone!

Fix Your Glass

Usually, when you hear the term “don’t drive impaired,” you tend to think of someone that’s had too much to drink or is intoxicated in some way. But when you have a faulty windshield that has cracks and dings in it, it can cause blind spots and driver side issues that impair your driving as well. Aside from the fact that it might be illegal to drive with a broken windshield in your local area, it’s dangerous as well. Why would you unnecessarily take your or your family’s life into your hands if you didn’t need to? Instead of driving impaired with a broken or crack windshield, seek out windshield repairs or auto glass replacement so that you can go back to driving like a pro. If you’re in need of quality car window replacement services, don’t hesitate to call Auto Glass Services NW at (503) 744-6090 for more information.

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