Can Heat Cause Your Windshield to Crack?

Windshields play the very important role of providing a clear view and keeping you safe while driving. Did you know that heat can cause a windshield to crack? The damage may start small, but very rarely ever stays small. Cracks that have grown 7 to 12 inches long, otherwise known as long cracks, account for 53% of windshield repairs and replacements. When your windshield has cracked, you need windshield repair before the crack becomes worse.

How Can Heat Crack a Windshield?

Once temperatures start to rise, a vehicle’s interior becomes warmer. Heat applies pressure to windshields from the inside out. The pressure stresses the glass and can create stress cracks on parts of a windshield with the smallest damage. It is important to keep in mind that minor imperfections in glass only grow larger when under stress from heat.

As the Heat Grows, So Do Windshield Cracks

High temperatures only exacerbate cracks. It is not safe to drive with cracked glass since it can significantly obstruct your view and distracts from attentive driving. Windshield repairs ensure cracks don’t get worse in the heat so you and your passengers enjoy a safe ride.

Use Professional Windshield Repair Services

Cracks that sprawl six inches or less in length can typically be repaired without replacing your windshield. It is important to think about the time of year and appropriate temperatures for getting repairs. You want to avoid the risks that very low and very high temperatures bring. Early spring is an ideal time for repairs. However, if your vehicle is in a climate-controlled garage, repairs are perfect any time of year.

Follow These Tips to Keep Cracks to a Minimum

  • Park in Shady Areas
  • Open the Doors to Let Heat Escape
  • Do Not Run the AC at Full Blast in a Warm or Hot Car
  • Let the Vehicle Run a Few Minutes Before Turning on the AC
  • Gradually Change Temperatures
  • Keep From Slamming the Doors

Let the Professionals Safely Repair Your Windshield

Trying to repair a crack in your windshield is not a DIY project. There are many aspects you may not know that a certified auto glass technician has been trained and certified to understand. Call a local windshield repair and replacement company to get reliable services that will suit your budget. Their mobile service will have you driving safely in no time.

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